Honey – buy it from a beekeeper

Honey has been hitting the headlines lately. Cheap imports are being questioned as to their authenticity. It seems a pretty simple step for us to change our buying habits on this one product. I mean, how often do you buy honey? We all have it in the cupboard but it’s not a product we buy weekly (do we?) Well I don’t. And everyone’s keeping bees these days. You can buy honey from Centennial Park or from Cornersmith’s own hives. It isn’t too hard to find a beekeeper at a market and get the real thing straight from the source.

And buying honey from beekeepers is about more than just knowing you’re getting a high value product. It’s about supporting an Australian industry that supports so much more. We’ve all heard of colony collapse. We know how important it is to protect bees. Buying honey from a beekeeper is one of the best ways we can do this.

So take a step away from the big two and seek out your local beekeeper. Maybe consider buying a couple of jars to give as gifts and share the joy. If you want to help bees in other ways here’s a few more ideas:

  • make sure to have flowering plants in your gardens all year round – you can do this by leaving herbs and vegetables to flower and set seed or by specifically planting plants that flower at different times of the year;
  • don’t use any pesticides that are harmful to bees or any other beneficial insects;
  • spread the word.
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