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  1. vanessa says:


    I was recently given some lemon verbena leaves in a tea with some ginger and found it delicious. I read on you blog that you grow it in your garden.

    May I ask you where you bought yours from? Have you found a good supplier in or around the inner west?

    Thank you

    • groweatenjoy says:

      Hi Vanessa

      Most nurseries will stock lemon verbena. They have also started stocking a variety called lime verbena, it smells great but I haven’t tried drinking it. I probably bought mine from Gardens Plus on Gardener’s Rd, Kingsford years ago now, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find in your area. It prefers sun but I grow mine in a spot that only gets a few hours of afternoon sun and it still does well. I prune it hard quite regularly too which encourages it to grow more leaves and keeps it under control.

      Good luck and enjoy!

  2. Joyce says:

    Just wanted to drop a comment after reading your post on choko. I am an ex-choko hater and have found a nice way to cook choko. I make “avial” out of it, usually combining with other veg like potato, carrot and green beans. Just cut the veg into batons, cook with turmeric and add a ground paste of coconut cumin and green chilli then cook some more. You dont need very much of the coconut paste, just enough to coat the veg. Finish off with some yogurt, fresh curry leaves and a drizzle of coconut oil. The dish is supposed to be very mildly spiced and really makes the choko shine.

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