We are Growing…

Welcome to our new look website. A lot has happened in the life of grow.eat.enjoy. since we began three years ago and we thought it was time our website reflected those changes.

When we started,  our passion was in the physical work. We loved getting a garden that we could rip apart and put back together. We loved the creation of order from chaos. And we loved introducing our clients to the joys of growing plants to eat. We still do!

But in meeting and helping people who want to grow their own food as well as beautiful gardens there has been a shift towards eduction and a whole new world has opened up.

A world of sharing space and of getting to know little people (and big little people) and helping them to get to know the pleasures of edible garding. It’s a fun and satisfying world. I think our new site reflects these changes and we hope you will continue to grow with us.

Sarah and Thea

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