The Perfect Pet

So the other night I was reading a book titled ‘the perfect pet’ to my four year old where the little boy wants a dog but ends up with a duck and finds that the duck is the perfect pet after all.

We talk a lot about pets at the moment.  My children are keen for dogs, cats, horses, parrots… you name it, they want it.  They carry the quails around like kittens and the quails cope and try to look dignified in the process (not an easy job).  I grew up with cats, and I love them still, but owning a cat just doesn’t seem like the right move anymore.  So what is the perfect pet?

If you have the space then I think the answer is a chicken.  Natural born composters and protein producers, chickens can be friendly and highly amusing.  We don’t have the space for chickens who need about a metre square of space per chicken plus a bit of room to run.  We don’t even have space for bantams.  We do have space for quails who only require 30cm2 per bird but they aren’t the composters chickens are.  They are excellent pest eaters and like nothing more than a cockroach but they are also fragile and need protection from cats, dogs and larger birds.

The quails aren’t enough though for my pet loving children so we are moving on to guinea pigs.  My hope is that these creatures may look a little more comfortable when being cuddled than the quails do.  The guinea pigs will not be ours.  They will be borrowed from time to time from our friends who live nearby to help keep the grass under control in their specially built seat come guinea pig tractor.

My hope is that this will hold off the cries for a puppy for a few months at least but if nothing else it will at least keep the grass neat.

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