Never too old

This is the story of one of our first clients who I’d like to name (they have great names) but won’t because I’m not sure what the rules are on that.  This couple live in a small but well appointed apartment with a surrounding courtyard garden.  They are on the main road but when you’re inside you hardly notice.

We first came to their garden after it was newly built and planted.  There wasn’t a lot of thought put into the garden and as we dug and restructured it we found the soil was mostly made up of builder’s rubbish.  We put a lot of time and they put a fair bit of money, into that initial work but it’s paid off in a beautifully giving and changing garden.

While mostly planted with flowering natives we also included a number of edible plants and these have slowly increased over the years.  They pick from the garden every day and this is the reason for my story.  The gentleman of the couple, in all his years, had never picked and eaten from his own garden until we reshaped and planted this new garden for him.  For him (and for me), this was a great experience and one they, and I, continue to enjoy.

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