Our Services

  • Cost Estimate (Free)

We love transforming gardens.  Invite us to yours and after discussing your requirements we can provide you with a written cost estimate so that you too can make a difference in your own backyard

  • Consultancy ($100)

We’ll walk through your garden with you, identify any noxious weeds or elements that aren’t working and talk with you about how to change your garden to specifically cater for your households needs.  After our meeting you’ll be given two pages of notes written just for you to get you started.

  • Raised Vegetable Beds

Planted with foods your family will want to eat daily, these beds come in many shapes and sizes.  Let us help you find the one that suits you best.

  • Family Fun

If you want to teach your children where food comes from then we can come to you at a time that’s convenient and help you and your children plant your edible garden.  We’ll show you how to care for it and be there along the way if you need any further assistance.

  • Replanting/Redesign

From time to time what you need from your garden changes.  It may just be a quiet corner or the whole yard.  We’re always happy to revitalise gardens in an organic and sustainable way.

  • The Patch

An instant herb and vegetable addition for your home.  You need some garden that gets good sun (it’s okay if there are a few established plants already there you want to keep).  We condition your soil, plant herbs and vegetables tailored to your household’s needs and put the mulch on top.  You’re left with a garden good enough to eat.

  • The Patch Maintenance Program

Once your patch is up and running you can join our maintenance program.  We’ll come once a month, check everything is growing well, trouble shoot if it isn’t, give it all a little boost and add at least four new varieties to your edibles so there’s always something new to look forward to.

  • General Maintenance ($60 per hour, per person)

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