What a fantastic, shade loving, perennial plant Rhubarb is.  It lasts for years and it produces offspring so you can divide it up and plant out more or give it to your friends.
Rhubarb doesn’t like growing in a pot as it has a large root system but that’s about it’s only fault.  Oh, and it’s posionous leaves.  Don’t eat them and don’t feed them to your rabbit, guinea pig, dog, children… they are fine in the compost.

Rhubarb has a crown which doesn’t like being soggy so keep them in well drained soil.  They go dormant in the cooler months which is the time to move or divide them and you need to be careful you don’t disturb their roots if you’re digging in the area.

Aside from this they are pretty hardy, pest resistant and giving plants.  Pull off the stems as you want to use them.  I cut them up and simmer them in orange juice.  Great for adding to yoghurt.  Or go the old classic and simmer them up with sugar and apple (and strawberry if you want something really special), then give it all a crunchy sugary top and throw it in the oven to brown.

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