Growing for Food Security

Sitting on our back deck this morning, nibbling a couple of home grown blueberries and reading the SMH I came across an article urging people to buy from farmers markets or better still grow their own.  The focus of the article was food security.  So I started thinking about which foods I’d grow if food security was my main concern.

Blueberry would not be high on the list.  We love our blueberry bush but it produces 5-10 berries a day for a few weeks of the year.  For vit C I think it would have to be a lemon tree or if that were too hard then lilly pilly.  For some kind of staple the choko would probably be the winner in ease and bounty.  We are growing one in a pot to contain it’s wild spreading.  And for leafy greens I’d suggest warrigal spinach, easy, all year round source of greens.  You need to be a little careful with warrigal spinach.  The leaves should be blanched in hot water for 3 minutes before eating to remove the oxalic acid.

What would you grow?

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