Just Eat it – Movie review

Look the first thing to say is this is not a feel good movie. It’s kind of fun to watch but you don’t come away feeling particularly good about yourself or your fellow humans. Well I didn’t. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a film worth watching.

Just Eat It is an easy to watch film that follows a couple, Jen and Grant, for six months as they quit supermarket shopping and instead choose only to eat what would otherwise be thrown away. The statistics are frightening and don’t feel comforted that this is a film made on the other side of the world. We are just as bad.

Just Eat It and our own Oz Harvest say we are throwing away between 30-40% of our food. When you look at the social, environmental and economical costs of this you realise what a sad sad mess we’ve got ourselves into.

Just Eat It points the finger at us, the consumers. We need to change our buying habits and our eating habits. We need to plan before we shop, we need to use our freezers and our left overs more, we need to make less and not feel the need to over cater. We need to learn what those dates on the products we buy really mean so that we are not throwing away perfectly good food based on a best before date. And we need to get involved in our food system. We need to know where our food is coming from, how it’s produced and what the wastage involved is. And if we don’t like that wastage or we feel it could be put to better use then we need to tell those companies how we feel, or get out there and do a bit of gleaning. Don’t know what gleaning is? Better watch the film.

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