Plastic Free July

Did you know it’s plastic free July? Nice idea and while I love thinking about ridding my life of plastic and try to avoid it as much as I can, the idea of giving up single use plastic is pretty tough. Plastic free July offers you an out. They give you a top four to aim for. Plastic water bottles, plastic bags, plastic straws and plastic takeaway coffee cups. Pretty easy given there are easy available alternatives for three of them and plastic straws are never a necessity. I’d also add those little fish full of soy. Do we really need those?

I have a little stumbling point with plastic bags. Easy to avoid with all those reuseable bags we have now but I always wondered what I’d line the bin with. It seems to defeat the point if we buy bin bags. Permaculture (and plastic free July) have taught me to line the bin with newspaper. You can make origami bowls out of newspaper for all your messy bits (I can’t but you may be better at following those instructions than me), or just wrap it up like you’re in the fish shop. Easy. Unless of course you read your news online. Then you’re going to have to source your newspaper from a cafe or neighbour. Still, worth it I think if it means you’ve not got all those plastic bags around the place. And think of the message you are sending to commercial outlets who throw your purchases into them without much thought.

I admit I feel a little rude taking my bread out of bags and handing it back (the only place I shop where they don’t ask if you’d like a bag, but they always say thank you so I persist. Also Randwick Council is now recycling soft plastics. You have to drive it into their recycling centre in Matraville but gee it reduces your hard waste.

Less to wrap up in newspaper.

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